Don Vastion Netherone is the scion of the Netherone and Pyrenee familes.


Born to Zander Netherone and Hestia Pyrenne.  As the son of Zander's second and unwanted marriage to Hestia, Vastion is largely ignored by his father and persecuted by his older half brother, Endre.  In effort to protect her son, Hestia raised him away from Zander and Endre as much as possible but was unable to keep to shield him entirely due to her duties as Dogaressa.

When his mother died, Vastion was shipped off to Earth to attend college.

Personal AttributesEdit

Vastion is extremely intellegent, considered to be a child prodigy of social science and culture, like his mother.  Also like his mother he has strong morals and is empathic to the suffering of others.  He identifies himself with 

Due to his family's background on his father's side, he is a studied student of war and armed conflict, though prefers to avoid it when he can. 

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