Philobar Netherone is the grandfather of Vastion Netherone and an ambitious and ruthless visionary who sought to reestablish the old Belter alliances and form a combined Belter state.


Born six years before the end of the Fourth World War on Vesta, Philobar was raised on Juno in a hostage exchange amoung the leaders of the various rebellions in effort to build a united front against Earth.  From his Junoese foster family, Philobar learned the art of blackmail, coercion, and betrayal for gain.

Upon his return from Juno, he took up politics and rose to the Dogency at the age of 40.  During this time, he witnessed the Belter alliances collapse and the petty wars that occupied their time and resources.  Seeing both Earth and Luna take advantage of the Belter schisms, Philobar believed it was only a matter of time before the asteroids would fall under the rule of the inner system again. 

Spurred on by the same political hatred for the older worlds bred into belter youth and great ambition, Philobar forged a vision of a unified Belter state that would supercede Earth and Luna as the dominate power in the system.  He was not alone in that vision, an old rival, his foster brother Barius, shared it only with Juno at the helm of rthe new state and not Vesta.

Using all of his skill at political intrigue, he silenced isolationists at home and forged new alliances with other asteroids, Ceres in particular with his marriage to the daughter of their most powerful family.  Over the next twenty years the alliances shifted constantly as the cold war between Vesta and Juno heated and cooled. 

In effort to gain an advantage over his rival, Philobar fostered his own son, Zander, to the Doge of Pallas and permitted a marriage between Zander and the Doge of Pallas's daughter, Amorie, to gain temporary control over the Pallasite fleet, the largest in the belt.

However, while he considered them useful, Philobar despised the Pallasites due to their stark and brutal military culture, considering them barbarians and philistines to the Arts.  When his rival, Barius,


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