Hestia Netherone neé Pyrenee was the daughter of the most prominate family in the former country of Andorra and an indirect descendent of Cyprus Blackburn.


Born to Roger and Ermessenda Pyrenee of Andorra.  As the only daughter of Andorra's most prominate family, Hestia was raise almost as a princess.  Due to the near idealic circumstances of her childhood, Hestia was quite naive and spoiled as a young woman.  Once she reached adulthood, she became the object of many suitors, all after her for her money and position.  Three such men managed to win her heart, but each marriage ended in well publized scandals as each man was caught in unfaithfulness.  After the last of these, Hestia swore never to marry and celebacy. 

Keeping with her vow, Hestia spent the next years of her life in charity work, seeking to aid the regions of the Earth still suffering from the Fourth World War.  Hestia would travel to the devestated areas along with the workers and join in ever element of struggle, often placing herself in danger.  Soon her scandalous marriages were all but forgotten, as she became known as Aunt Tia, an angel of mercy and civilization, and was a sought after invitee around the world. 

With her family's fortune and all of her time increasingly devoted to charity, Hestia negelected the economics of her finances.  The Doge of Vesta, eyeing her as useful, began to attack her assests and bought up all her debt.  He wanted her to marry his son, adding her formidable reputation and holdings on Earth to his game political dominance.

Personal AttributesEdit

Despite being spoiled at an early age, Hestia has a strong empathic sense for others.  Once her hopes for a loving marriage were dashed for a third time, she forced herself out of grief by helping others.

Hestia was extremely intelligent, being noted as a child prodigy in music.  She would always bring music with her while she lived in the destitute regions of Earth on charity missions.  She often would teach children how to play instruments and form bands and ochestras.

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