Belters are a race of humans living in the asteroid belt, Jupiter Trojans, and in the Jovan system.

Appearance and AttributesEdit

The most common difference that separates belters from mainstream Humanity is the genetic modifications that resulted in prehensile feet as well as greater resistance to the negative effects of low gravity.


Belters are known for a strangely homogeneous culture cobbled together from several Earth cultures, namely Italian and Polynesian.  They speak one language, Esperanto, but a great variety of dialects that reflect their independence and disunity.


The first full time settlers were corporate miners from the late second era.  However, despite precautions, a high rate of disease afflicted the colonists due to microgravity and radiation.  In effort to contest this a experimental geneticist and political extremist, Dr. Frank Gibson created the first true Belters by splicing genes to give a new generation of colonists prehensile feet, resistance to radiation, and extremely powerful immune systems. 

The advantages provided by the genetic modifications and the natural independent, take charge attitude of the colonists insured that the new Belter genome would become dominant in the next few generations.

With increasing autonomy from Earth the colonists desires for independence grew, but the disunity and competion between the various colonies resulted in small, disorganized rebellions that were quickly dispelled.  As time went on the colonies grew more cooperative, but the turn of the tide came with the Fourth World War.  With the distraction of global conflict, the nations of the world left the asteroids to themselves and the revolutionaries manged to seize power without raising significant alarm.  In the aftermath of the war, Earth grew increasingly dependent of mineral resources from the Belt to rebuild from the devestation.  Lacking the resources to effectively crush the combined revolution, the new congomerated nations of Earth negociated the independence of the Asteroid Colonies in exchange for concessions in mining and trade rights from the colonists. 

With the independence secured, the alliance between the various asteroids collapsed and each went its own way.  Over the next several decades, the colonies would engage in small but brutal wars for regional dominance over territory and favorable trade with Earth.

One ambitious Doge, Philobar of Vesta, sought to restore the old alliances with Vesta at the head.  He his efforts met with some success, forging ties with Ceres and Pallas.  However, while this did make him the strongest of the warlords, tensions between Ceres and Pallas caused him to side with Ceres.

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